SELLING Chinese 0 day(not leaked) datas
by Theduke07 - June 22, 2021 at 05:37 PM
Hello, i have some chinese datas which are not public and leaked before. Some of the datas i have. 

1 - Chinese Gambling Websites(4 websites, 400k, 180k, 130k, 70k datas)
datas include, name, surname, phone number, wechat id, phone number, logs(ip address, online time, logins, logouts etc) the 130k one also have password.

2 - Local Crypto Market(only one website), 60k selfies with phone number, wechat-qq(some people sign up with wechat some people sign up wit qq), id numbers, 3k residence papers, all logs(ip, online etc.) their balance(the date of the data was 02.21, so that balance)

3 - One of souther city's airport data(the airport is not guangzhou or shenzhen), passport scan, flights, names, surnames, flight informations etc.(in total 78k)

4 - Real Estate customer and potential customer list, name, income, phone number, wechat number, address. (in total of 37k)

ID 名 姓 生日 电话 微信 Total Transactions Balance Last Online
8276 勇 曾 1985-06-03 18620342212 wxid_j3fsuhju6t5g12 872 ¥94,222.16 2021.03.04 19:33
8277 雨泽 李 1991-02-04 18698451233 wxid_i0x31d49jfms12 1755 ¥147,982.47 2021.03.04 23:37
8278  田哲 田 1974-08-14 85278298246 wxid_blxxtt4najpa611 4 ¥3.42 2021.01.07 14:42
8279 庆 王 1991-11-09 18620362933 wxid_8hl2x9w7m9e722 134 ¥19,132.87 2021.03.04 18:37
8280 建诚 余 1981-01-30 18632440926 wxid_rgnufcxe3abm11 78 ¥17,657.32 2021.03.04 22:14
8281 飞延 許 1996-07-22 18620669823 wxid_zv02dx87p73bls28 268 ¥93,458.22 2021.03.04 21:52

This is a small part of the gambling data, the last 3 columns i filtered from big data and added it, i can add other columns on your request, e.g. transaction times, transaction amount, transaction way(Wechat, Alipay, Card), IP, City etc.

I have the data of all transactions but it's very big and dirty data, i can clean them and give you if you need(but you need to give me few days for it, because there are too many datas to filter) i already filtered the amount of total transactions and balance.

The datas will be sold to one person only.
how much for all the data and I don't want it cleaned, I like my data dirty lol
(June 22, 2021 at 05:51 PM)Eb0laVixen Wrote: how much for all the data and I don't want it cleaned, I like my data dirty lol

lol Smile 8 XMR for all data
Is there any other Chinese data besides this?
(June 30, 2021 at 05:02 AM)Lin123456789 Wrote: Is there any other Chinese data besides this?

I have some other datas, what kind of datas are you looking for?
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(July 09, 2021 at 01:13 PM)oubao713 Wrote: 请告诉我你的电报...


can you give me your telegram?
Thanks for the great upload
(July 10, 2021 at 10:43 PM)oubao713 Wrote: [quote="Theduke07" pid='4096241' dateline='1625935532']
[quote="oubao713" pid='4091642' dateline='1625832782']



you can text me the_duke07
I am interested in your casino data base. Can you pm me the casino name total data you got and the price at which you want to sell it.
hi telegram @impassibly
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i buy china datebase always , [email protected]

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