SELLING Revenge Stealer
by IPirateS6 - November 06, 2020 at 02:41 PM
The stealer is written with C++ & ASM, does not have any dependences (.NET Framework/CRT etc.)
Size: 135 KB (with UPX  ~60 KB)


  • Recursive picking (format NETSCAPE) of passwords, cookies, autocomplete, history, credit cards from Chromium-based browsers (including chromium-based Edge)
  • Recursive picking(format NETSCAPE) of passwords, cookies from Gecko-based browsers
  • Picking passwords from Internet Explorer and not-chromium-based Edge

  • Recursive picking of files with cryptocurrency (wallet.dat etc.)

  • Picking data from FTP clients (will add to the list new if u ask):

  • Picking session files of software below (will add to the list new if u ask):

  • Picking files of BattleNET

  • Picking data from VPNs below (will add to the list new if u ask):

  • Picking passwords from jabber-clients below (will add to the list new if u ask):

  • Picking data from mail clients:

  • Picking data about PC (file SysInfo.txt):
           ○Date on PC
           ○Timezone of PC
           ○User Agent
           ○Working Dir
           ○Windows version
           ○Computer and user name
           ○Display resolution
           ○Processor info
           ○GPU info
           ○RAM size
           ○Installed software
           ○Process list
           ○Network info (Country, Region, City, ZIP, lat, lon, ISP)

  • Graber
       ○ You can set the max size, path(whatever you want) and extensions
  • Loader
       ○ Downloads and executes .exe file
  • Self-delete
  • Virtual Machine protection

  • Written on PHP7 and Python3
  • Supports most of systems

Screenshots of panelSpoiler
[Image: 1.png]
[Image: 2.png]
[Image: 3.png]
[Image: 3.png]
[Image: 4.png]
[Image: 5.png]
[Image: 7.png]

Example of the log:
[Image: image.png]

  • Two guides of installing panel are included (Russian and English)

For giving the build to reversers or uploading the build on virustotal or its analogs you won`t be supported anymore.

Price of Revenge Stealer is 80 $ (BTC supports).
Price of Big Updates is 20 $
Price of installing the panel is 10 $
For buying Revenge Stealer you can contact me on private messages or jabber (OMEMO required): [email protected]

Please, try to ask your questions with PM or Jabber. Please, use comments only for feedbacks
can i test your tool? vouch copy?
this looks a lot like just a rebranded AZORult... some mods on panel as I can see
idk how i feel about this, not shit, but doesn't spark any interest....

ill just watch in the background.
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Extorting users / Leaking private data on RF users.
I am interested, please send PM with TG
like to buy...please ping me...thx
does it work for social media too?
haw to contact this guy...i have no jabber client..

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