ShareX Discord Raid
by pussysl4y3rxd6969 - March 29, 2018 at 09:02 AM
Hello RaidForums! I have come with a mission for you all, here is the plan.

STEP 1: Prepare for raid
Go to the link below and join their Discord Server.

ShareX Discord Invite Link

STEP 2: Post the message
I recently wasted 30 minutes trolling them and getting them triggered. Lets continue my fine work by saying one of the following:

"ShareX Premium Trial"

"Get ShareX Premium now for only 12 dollars per year!"

"ShareX Premium adds great tools never before seen in other programs! Get it today for only 1 dollar per month!"

STEP 3: Repeat
After you have finished 1 and 2, keep going, really get the server triggered. Send me screenshots along the way.

Thats really it. Thanks for the help!

I am not responsible for you doing dumb shit.

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