ShdaowCrypt v2 | Online Hacking Tool Provider | Cloudflare Resolver & More!
by shadowcrypt - January 01, 2020 at 01:39 PM
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As many of you might already know about ShadowCrypt according to the previous thread, we've released version two of it. For those who don't know.

What is ShadowCrypt Tools?
ShadowCrypt Tools is a section on ShadowCrypt Cyber Intelligence specifically made for the collection of tools that are mostly used by Pentesters, Developers & Ethical Hackers.
Why is there ShadowCrypt if we can use the terminal to execute commands?
You might be an l33t enough to use the terminal to do that so, but in the end, you would too prefer an easy way. ShadowCrypt provides you an easy way to execute the same tools that you do in the terminal but with ease.
Who is the owner of ShadowCrypt?
ShadowCrypt is owned by Shadow Hosting International and made by Manal Shaikh, CEO.

Available tools:- 
  1. Domain's IP History Finder - Domain's IP History Finder is an online tool that can be used to fetch previous IPs of a domain name. For example, today's IP is but back in 2011, it's IP was This can be used in many ways by developers and researchers. 
  2. WHOIS Checker - Most of the people here might already know what WHOIS is. It is used to fetch domain owner's detail that includes, name, address, phone number and some other details that can be used in an OSINT tool. 
  3. SubDomain Finder - SubDomain Finder is used in finding all the subdomains of the specified domain which includes IP address too.
  4. Website Header Extractor - As simple as the name says.
  5. Phone Number Lookup - Nothing like a phone tracker but a small tool enough to get country code & service provider of the given phone number.
  6. Page Link Extractor - Enter the URL and you'll get all internal and external links of the webpage.
Networking Tools:-
  1. Cloudflare Resolver - Get's real IP of the website hiding behind Cloudflare.
  2. Port Scanner - Enter the IP and a port to see if it is open or close.
  3. GeoIP Tracker - Highly accurate in comparison to other IP trackers. 
  4. Ping - Does the same what you do on your computer with "ping ip.ip.ip.ip".
  5. ASN Finder - Gets the detail of the ASN owner and lists all IP blocks associated with it.
  6. Traceroute - As the name says.
  7. Subnet Lookup - Provides insight of the network for the specified subnet of an IP. 
  8. DNS Resolver - Provides a list of all DNS records with their values of the domain. 
  9. Tor IP Checker - Checks if the specified IP is a part of the Tor relay network.
  10. NMap Checker - Kinda same of Port scanner but in NMap style.
  1. MD5 Encryptor - Useless but still. Gives you the MD5 output of the given string. 
  2. Hash Decryptor - Searches through a large database of hashes and decrypts the specified hash with the ability to detect hash-type. 
  1. Proxy Detector - Checks to see if the given IP is proxy of VPN. 
  2. Anonymous Proxy - Free anonymous proxy list. 
  3. Elite Proxy - Free elite proxy list.
  4. HTTPS Proxy - Free elite proxy list.
  5. Standard Proxy - Free standard proxy list.
Misc Tools:-
  1. Screenshot Generator - Gives you a screenshot of the URL on how the webpage looks. 
  2. Alexa Rank Checker - Shows Alexa ranking for the specified website/domain.
  3. URL Shortener - Provides a short URL of the given URL.
  4. Link Backup Generator - Enter the URL and the content of the page will be backed up by
  5. CMS Detector - Enter a website and it will detect the CMS type. For example, is a WordPress CMS.
  6. Honeypot Checker - Detects the IP's honeypot probability. 
I'll be adding more soon. Bookmark it as it'll surely be helpful in the future Smile.

If you need any help regarding it, contact us on Discord.

If you want to advertise your service/product on our website, you can know more about our advertisement campaign on the advertisement page.

Got any query? Reply.

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