Sibez Mod App
by S i b e z - October 21, 2016 at 01:48 AM
Have you fulfilled the listed requirements?
Sort of. i been here for a year and was posting a lot. I do have a positive rep and havent broken any major rules since like december. im 16. i have voice comunication. i guess im kinda focused on rf

Who are you, what do you do, and how did you find out site?
well im sibez you all know me as the fat guy who couldnt talk to a girl. well im kinda away from that now im just living life having a great time. wanna give mod another shot.

Do you have previous mod experience?
Moderated rf twice before

Whats the biggest thing youve learned since being on rf?
everything dont have to be serious

Why would you like to be a staff member on rf?
i was a staff member before and i liked it it was fun to do when i had free time and its winter soon so ill have alot of freetime which means ill be able to mod rf alot. basically im bored and sorta coming back to rf

what would the community gain from you being staff member? 
someone who they can relate to because im just the average rf user

whats your favorite section on the site?
the shitbox

if you could pick a section to moderate what would it be?
the shitbox
Let me start with saying welcome back Sibez.
Now lets move on to support.
I dont really think that we need anymore mods (maybe a forum mod). I also like to note that you have been mia in the past few months. Giving you mod after you have been gone and just returned back to the community wouldnt be fair to other user who would like to become part of the staff team and have been active these past few months. Furthermore you usually lost your previous mod roles within a few weeks. I dont really see the point in you getting mod if you go mia again or just gonna lose your mod within a short period of time.


Ps: shitbox isnt really moderated.. hence the name..
Like what loki said, 

But even if we want a free spot for mod, I still wouldn't +support you cause of the ammount of spamming in the shoutbox. idrc if you are an oldfag, just try to mature and this line will be removed.

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