SocialEngineered Database - Leaked, Download! [Exclusive]
by Omnipotent - June 13, 2019 at 07:13 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the SocialEngineered Forum Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

On the 13th of June 2019 the forum was breached and server shredded, 55,121 users were affected. I have uploaded the full database and root directory of this website for you to download and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy these leaks as I enjoy posting these websites with incapable or ignorant admins/owners who could care less for their users' security. To all reading, have a good day and enjoy the data.

Compromised data: Website activity, Usernames, Emails, IP Addresses, Passwords (Salted MD5), Source code, Website data, User private messages

Keep in mind this breach's password hashing algorithm is either salted MD5 the default MyBB hashing algorithm, the data provided is all in full SQL format and the files all compressed and the root directory of the forum has been included. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is BD72EBB09CDAFEDF8265960DEAF11359. Total record count of 55121.

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Another great drop my guy.
That's a boomer again, thanks for the share
Thank you for posting this!
You are on a role haha
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hello guys, I dont have too many credits but interested in this DB. Could anyone told me the quality of this leaked DB? Is its quality similart to leaked Nulled DB? Thanks in advanceĀ [b]@Omnipotent, @INSTAKILLA, @icanhazdata, @Elysian
Do you know the SQL database password so that we don't have to open it in plain text?
Wow, didnt expect that leak. Thanks!
Thanks for the leak going to check this right now
thank you for this, very nice
Thanks x

This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
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Thanks. I will look into it.

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