by martin9 - September 15, 2020 at 12:23 PM
I will check it, thanks for sharing and nice work!
I will check it, thanks for sharing and nice work!
Is it working guys...???!I sincerely appreciate
Interesting, anyway thanks for the post!
Interesting tool, gonna see it
This is very usefull ill use it
will see if this is a public one or a private one :)
Nice tools hope it's work good
Thanks for sharing, very nice im going to try it right now
(September 15, 2020 at 12:23 PM)martin9 Wrote: SpyBoxRat

[WIP] Remote Access Tool written in Visual Basic .NET (Server V4.8 and client at least V4.5) with rare features that others rats don't have :) (like keyboard locking or encrytion of files directly from File Manager) UNDER LICENSE READ THE END OF THIS PAGE !

LEGAL DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ! I, the creator and all those associated with the development and production of this program are not responsible for any actions and or damages caused by this software. You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only. This software's intended purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not have own or have explicit permission to operate and use this program on. By using this software, you automatically agree to the above.

Key Features :

    -File Manager : Delete , Download , Launch Files , Go through Folders and Disks , Go Back , Move File to Bin
    -Encryption : Can encrypt | decrypt files in files manager with custom key (AES , RC6 , BlowFish , Salsa20 , Cast6 , TwoFish )
    -Passwords Recovery : Currenly Supports most Chromium Web Browsers
    -Tasks Manager : Kill Tasks , Refresh , Get Information
    -Remote Desktop Viewer (OPTIONAL) : If you do not want to forward second port , do not use
    -Change Wallpaper
    -TaskBar : Hide , Show , Hide Apps , SHow Apps
    -Mouse : Swap Mouse Button , Lock Left Click , Lock Right Click , Lock Movements ,Lock All , Unlock All
    -Keyboard : Lock , Unlock
    -Computer Power : Log Out , Reboot , Shutdown , Hibernate, Suspend
    -DDOS : UDP
    -OS INFORMATION : Get Precious Information about OS
    -Client : Close , Close And Delete
    -Client Size : 15KB at least (depending on the options you add) => easy to encrypt and bind
    -Builder : X86 ,X64 (Default is AnyCPU) , Stealth Mode , Spread , Add To Startup
    -Currently DOESN'T SUPPORT DNS
    -Show and Hide Desktop Icons
    -Show and Hide Start Icons
    -Spread Client
    -Add Client To Startup
    -RED VIRUS : Block Keyboard , Block Mouse , add a watchdog to kill task manager and set a full red screen window To Close , you need to reboot
    -Fork Bomb
    -Process INFO: Handle , FilePath , ID , BaseAddress , Priority , Handle Window , Window title
    -Delete Files On Desktop , Delete Files On Desktop + Reboot
    -Auto Recovery Options
    -Injection Exe (NOT NATIVE)
    -Auto Execute File In memory : BE SURE IT IS A .NET EXE , not native
    -Monitor Rotation : 0 , 90 , 180 , 270 degrees
    -Empty Bin | Trash

Note :

    -The interface could be slightly changed with updates !
    -Tested on VM with Windows 10 last update with high end computer configuration

Note about Mouse and Keyboard Locking / Unlocking : It will lock windows with same rights : Example with normal rights : will lock nearly all windows (except TasksManager and Windows opened with Admin Rights) , If you launch it with admin rights , you will be able to lock interaction with TasksManager

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Looks nice, an adaptation of previous rat, or all new?
Thank you very much for sharing
Looks interesting content

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