by MrUndoxable - September 23, 2015 at 06:21 PM
Thoughtful Rftechpony, TEchpony NEWFAG, is mortified after she gets carried away and admits to her ex husband, PReditor OWner, that she longs to experiment with BDSM. Whatever must he think of her now?

An admirable banning shit from RAidforums, PReditor is averagely tall with greasy, mahogany hair and an average figure. TEchpony finds herself unable to stop picturing PReditor's bumpy abs and rock ard rod, fantasising nightly about submitting to his deepest desires.
One evening, TEchpony spots PReditor flirting with the cowardly painter, Rhiannon Cullen. Damn that Rhiannon with her curvy body and soft boobs. TEchpony tortures herself with thoughts of PReditor working his man-sword into Rhiannon's chocolate starfish. TEchpony's desperate ambition to become PReditor's sex slave begins to feel like nothing more than a dumb fantasy. Perhaps she should focus her lust on her funny ex boyfriend, CRyptiq MOd ...
However, when TEchpony gets home that night, PReditor sneaks up on her from the shadows and fervently caresses her juicy boobs with his hungry hands, before dragging her into the bedroom where he pounds her with his sausage. She delights as her dirtiest dreams begin to come true. PReditor takes her on a journey of fisting, figging, rimming and passionate anal probing.
One night, after a thorough humiliation, TEchpony fights back, testing how far she can push her master. Defiantly, she tries to tickle him. Furious, PReditor takes TEchpony to a dungeon where he puts horsey ears on her head and then zaps her bajingo with an electrically-charged metal wand.
As TEchpony lies in bed afterwards, enjoying the dick PReditor has prepared for her, and reminiscing over the evening, she feels that they are finally connecting on the most primal level. (Also, she is less hungry.)
However, as PReditor's desires get darker still, he reveals that he has a very special task in mind for TEchpony, involving a really tiny strap-on, which he whips out with a look of pure glee. TEchpony studies the piddly little dong attached to a black harness with trepidation - does he really want her to do him with THAT? She looks into PReditor's intense, blue eyes and shudders.
Will TEchpony be able to fully submit to PReditor, or is the rock-ard-rodded banning shit going to go too far?
Come back soon to enjoy the full story. We're frantically updating our website.

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