The insomniac
by AnnieHastur - September 26, 2015 at 01:56 PM
It's another late night. Unable to sleep. Must see what is going on in the world. Check the news. Watch some youtube videos. Even check on raidforums to see if anyone has posted a reply to your thread. No one hasn't yet. Oh well. After couple minutes of being soaked into the web, start remembering about the world outside of the monitor. Looks up. Sees darkness. The pitch black void that seems to stretch out infinitely. Looks back at monitor.Notices it's past 4 A.M. Starting to feel a bit tired. Thinking about going to bed. Can't help but feeling watched. Sees faces emerging from the sides of your eyes. Afraid to look. Afraid it will act if looked upon. Fucks it and looks anyways. The faces disappear. The void you stared before is now filled with darker shadows. Shadows begin to form figures. Shadows seem to move. Afraid once again. Thinks it's best to keep using computer until day time. Hours pass of abruptly looking up at monitor to keep an eye on the shadows. The sun is rising. Now feels safe. Has two options: going to sleep or going as normal. Chooses to stay online due to friends being online now as well. Spends all day on computer. It's night time again, only to repeat the process. 

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