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by Rus - June 14, 2019 at 08:45 AM
Hello, everyone! Thank you for reading. Hope this topic is appropriate here.

*spoiler, the topic for gambling and crypto enthusiasts.

Guys, there is a pretty cool Decentralized crypto game - Trust Dice(

Everyone now thinks "emmm what is the unknown game". Haha I understand that Smile 
It’s popular in crypto world. Trust dice is dapp based on EOS blockchain. It is a blockchain game. So it's completely private game.
It has BTC EOS ETH Crash + dice + Jackpot games. 
It has free btc eos eth faucet. Users can claim it and test the game for free.
It has game chat + btc tips daily.
Feel free to join us in telegram: trust_dice for giveaways and promo.
We want cheer up first 5 users who comes from raidforum to receive 1k satoshi to test the game and let us know in game chat. 

Feel free to share your best crypto gambling games.
Hey! I wonder if anyone is holding crypto in this forum?
Hello everyone, a new crypto forum has been launched! It’s totally new forum supported by Trust Dice game.
Guys, how about to give a chance to newcomers in Crypto Forums. You might like. Feel free to test.

+ easy registration 

+ join Trust Dice giveaways
+ a way to shill about crypto you hodl

+ more crypto forums - faster crypto goes to mainstream

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