USB killer
by xD1ous77 - November 25, 2019 at 09:11 AM
sharing with you guys

What is USB Killer?

The USB Killer device looks like a standard thumb drive but it has a dangerous function - destroys other devices with USB ports, including computers and TVs, phones, routers!

How Does USB Killer Work?

The USB Killer works at a voltage of up to 220 V. When plugged into the USB port, a voltage converter charges the capacitor to 220 volts, then the accumulated energy is fed to the signal lines of the USB interface - the procedure is repeated until the internal circuits are completely burned.

Official Killer USB Site and Original Price

original price - 49,95 €
I order it right away thank
i was looking for this thank you ! Smile
what is this good for? do i need this
Thanks for sharing dude.

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