User Number 666
by DashSashBash彡 - October 18, 2015 at 11:25 PM
User Number 666 by DashSashBash:

Once normal day on raidforums. 03-22-2015. Raidfourms is fresh with fresh faces everywhere. The username is Eutropios. Eutropios was made by an unknown user on raidfourms. Here is when things become creepy. The only post he made was under the raiding forums. It is called "NEW HAABO RAID COME ON!" On the post it said:  ADD USER: Marcus_Aurelius AND STALK. WE WILL DO THE BEST RAID EVER OK? COME QUICKLY WERE GOING TO START SOON. Now the words stalk comes to mind. Also "We are going to start soon." Most people would put that aside and think of something else to do, but no. One user though it would be a good idea to join him and add that user. That user name was OP_CHAN. Many think it was a scam raid or something, but no. That users account is Unregistered so nobody ever knew what happen after the post. Now lets go deeper into Marcus_Aurelius. Marcus_Aurelius is the name of a Roman Emperor. He was the last good emperors in rome. Rome has gladiators in there time that many Emperors must of seen. This could be a sign that the user OP_CHAN was in a situation where it is almost like being a gladiator. A slave of war. Now lets focus on the user. He was last seen 3-31-15. 31. October 31st? HALLOWEEN? That means he must be coming back on halloween. The last time he was seen was at 5:55pm. What numbers are 1 up from 5:55pm? 6:66pm. So if he is an hour off that means he must be coming back at 6:00 on halloween to post another time and find more people for his gladiator games.  His name is greek as well. He will find people all because of a mod on the inside.... [Image: kTvW6r4.png]

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2sp00ky pl0x put up sp00kie warning b4

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