What do you think about Donald Trump
by MaszCosNaKlacie - February 13, 2017 at 11:30 PM
donald trump is the next jesus! i would suck him.
I guess he is an evil, he will endeavor to suppress freedom. Just look he sad he will to negotiate with Putin!
I dont like him and I don't think about him so!
The people who are complaining about how he runs the government, specifically those that voted for him, should stop being retarded
He's a dumb bully who so full of himself that he actually honestly believes he is very smart.
He's rich, and he's powerful. That shit scares me.
He's a good guy in my opinion.
Honestly, I expected more. although he have very strange business approach, I thought that the same applied he will use and in politic. but unfortunately, his policy seems very confusing ... - Maybe he wants to deceive enemies?
Donald trump is our lord and saviour.
Personally hate him.

He's sucks and breaks promises
What can I say about him that hasn't already been said. The guy wanted to safe America, he had some great ideas (and some really bad ones), but he just isn't capable.

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