Which Anime Should i watch next ?
by wackyrobot - September 22, 2017 at 03:42 PM
Hey guys! which anime should i watch next ? Tell me Best one i hv watched Attack on titans andd dbz , naruto,mirai nikki, full metall both,naruto,boruto on going, one punch man,mob psycho 100,SOA, Erased, Clannnad after story and clannad, Steins Gate, My love story... Tell me other than this?
Tokyo Ghoul or Fairy Tail :D
Maybe Assassination Classroom or My Hero Academia? Personally I don't really like My Hero Academia, just not my thing.
Your lie in april... greatest Ive ever seen
Watch Elfen Lied, I'm sure you wont regret it.
I've already post it in another thread, but in my opinion one must see anime is Katanagatari. It has such beautiful draws and good history that you are not gonna regret it. If you like ninja animes, another one its worthwhile its Basilisk, cause you see ninjas trhough other point of view.
fate zero , or fairy tail
I look Madman right now, it worth it bro.
Bro check out nanatsu no taizai.

It is a great anime.

BTW What genre do you like just pm me if you want some anime recommendations.
Hunter x Hunter all the way man.
the original pokemans
just go with fairy tail :D

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