Which programming language do you like?
by jop - June 07, 2018 at 09:50 AM
Which programming language do you guys use for simple quick n dirty tasks? And why?
Scripting is for simple quick and dirty tasks. That means something like BASH or interactive Python. Personally, I like C# simply because it feels so much like programming where as Python or Ruby starts feeling almost like I'm writing an English paper. At the end of the day though, Interpreted languages are great because there is no compiling to be done.
I like C++ because I generally make hacks for games and its just so simple once you get the sdk from their on out its just copy pasta copy pasta. I haven't really touched any others apart from autoIT for a script which made Spotify accounts with premium but they patched it so ;/

What about you OP?
Interesting answers. In general I prefer python to do simple tasks. Also PHP isn't that bad to get the things running if you just need it one time. I'm also speaking some other languages like js, java, c# and others. If I need to develop huge projects I think Java is a good way to start, but it depends on the goal.
Meh, I like python, it's a nice coding language in my opinion.
Me python, but its my first language and its easy to learn.
Gotta be Python for me, it's relatively easy to understand and there are so many open-source tools available that you can open up and re-purpose.
Java is the language is use the most
personal favorite is python simply because of the support it has across all domains, and i dont have to waste my time with syntactic fluff that just wastes my time.
Java or Python for sure
Python is simple, portable and powerful. Great choice for many things.
Python for fast putting things together

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