need dorkers
by punkyx84 - May 11, 2021 at 06:09 PM
I am looking for functional dorkers, does anyone know where I can get them? tks
Do you mean google dorks, or am I misunderstanding what you are looking for?  Exploit-db has new ones all the time like : intitle:"index of" drupal intitle:"index of" admin inurl:login.cgi    Pages Containing Login Portals site:/joomla/administrator
inurl:/login/index.jsp -site:hertz.*
intitle:"Index of" inurl:wp-json/oembed   
intitle:"Index of" phpmyadmin
intitle:"Index of" wp-admin
inurl: /filemanager/dialog.php
s3 filetype:log
inurl:cgi/ and intext:scheduled for
site:*/auth intitle:login
nurl: admin/login.aspx    Pages Containing Login Portals
"Index of" inurl:webalizer
"Index of" inurl:phpmyadmin
"Index of" inurl:htdocs inurl:xampp
s3 intext:dhcp filetype:txt inurl:apollo
inurl:/index.aspx/login inurl:login.php
intitle:"IIS Windows Server" -inurl:"IIS Windows Server"
intitle:"Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page: It works"   
inurl:Dashboard.jspa intext:"Atlassian Jira Project Management Software"
inurl:app/kibana intext:Loading Kibana
site: edit
inurl:8443 AND -intitle:8443 AND -intext:8443 prohibited|restricted|unauthorized
intitle:"index of" unattend.xml
inurl:/admin/index.php intitle:index of
inurl:office365 AND intitle:"Sign In | Login | Portal"
intext:"" AND intext:"" filetype:sql
intitle:OmniDB intext:"user. pwd. Sign in."
intitle:"qBittorrent Web UI" inurl:8080
site:com inurl:jboss filetype:log
intitle:"index of" ".cpanel/caches/config/"
intitle: "index of" "./" "./bitcoin"
intitle:"index of" "/aws.s3/"
intitle:"index of" hosts.csv | firewalls.csv | linux.csv | windows.csv
intitle:Test Page for the Nginx HTTP Server on Fedora
intitle:"index of /" intext:/backup
intitle:"Swagger UI - " + "Show/Hide" /preview intext:movie inurl:flv | wmv | mp4 -pdf -edit -view
intext:"class JConfig {" inurl:configuration.php
"index of" ""

Also a lot of other website that you easily find using duckduckgo or google regulary update their dork lists.

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