thekilob mod application
by thekilob - March 02, 2020 at 12:26 AM
Have you fulfilled the listed requirements? 
-yea i think so, the rep thing is a meme anyway 
Who are you, what do you do, and how did you find our site?
-idfk. i collect databases, code shit etc.. idk how i found this place, i made a post on some thread explaining 
Do you have previous moderating experience? 
-hell yea brotha! ask in Fatman's discord, Crown's YT and discord, GC discord etc. 
What's the biggest thing you've learned since being on Raid Forums?
-some people are more retarded than you thought was possible 
Why would you like to be a staff member on Raid Forums?
-i feel satisfaction in banning users and deleting posts 
What would you gain from being a staff member?
-feel good deleting spam n cleansing the site 
What would the community gain from you being staff member?
-squeaky clean forum with no spam or multiaccounters! sounds impossible but I'll make it happen 
What's your favorite section on the site?
-leaks/databases of course 
If you could pick a section to moderate, which would it be?

-every single one. but mostly the nsfw section since it has the most spam

this was typed on my phone so sorry for the shitty formatting. tyvm!
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: > User was warned repeatedly not to spam appeals. He proceeds to continue attempting to harass users and staff. Overall toxic member of the community.

Failed to reach requirements listed here:

Quote:You must have been registered for 6 months or have an average of 3.5 posts/day. The average can be obtained on your profile.

Quote:You must have a positive reputation count, no warnings, and a history of following the rules of the forum. You're supposed to enforce our rules.

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