what is the best Linux OS for Pen Testing
by inbo16 - November 29, 2019 at 06:49 PM
I am using Kali Linux for now.

what do you think the most good OS linux Based for Pen testing as for 2020
With more tools and cool stuff to do.

Thank you
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Kali Linux is the best. Recent update adds very nice functions such as Undercover mode.
If you want to try other OS you could always check Parrot OS, it is also pretty good but in my opinion Kali is more "armed"!
There is no best OS for pentesting. Just use one that you're comfortable with & like.
The above two answers are both correct in their own way.

Kali and ParrotOS are quite beginner-friendly options that offer a whole bunch of tools preinstalled so that you can get started right away, which might make them the "best" for you.
However, once you're a bit familiar with pentesting you can turn almost any distro into a pentesting machine, depending on your needs.

I've personally used both Kali and ParrotOS in the past, as well as installations of Ubuntu, KDE Neon, Arch, etc on which I installed various pentesting tools. For ease of use and for beginners, you should go with Kali or ParrotOS (I find there are generally more tutorials specifically for Kali). For stealth and to build a customized workspace that fits your needs perfectly, go with something else.

Now, long story short: if you're currently using Kali and you have to ask this question, stick with Kali.
The rest of the info was simply something you could look into further down the line.
Kali linux latest version is perfect, ParrotOS, and ArchLinux, all of them are perfect. Good luck.

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