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This is a warning to every hackforums user. Omniscient is not the only owner anymore. Hes redirecting any black hats , not just black hats but everyone. To undercover FBI websites. Here's my story, i had a doxing service on hackforums for $30 for a dox to any IP adress, someone with UB3R rank and alot of rep asked if i could do the service for him, i refused because before that day i already came into contact with other FBI agents, i told him im sorry man but im just really sketchy with anyone i talk to so no i refuse to deal with you, he ended up -repping me and that pissed me off, i said fuck off and i sent him the dox he wanted and told him to never talk to me again. Well what ended up happening is he PM'd me back saying something like this, Hello *censored*, We have been watching you very closly the past couple of weeks, omniscient is watching your every move. We know everything about you and your team we need to know. See you soon. Well what happened is the next day my house was raided and my computer got searched. This all happened on July 5th. They took me into an interview and disscussed all of my activity online. They wanted me to rat out all of my friends and i refused to tell them anyone that was doing what i did. They even tried to act like my friend. Well i told them nothing. They kept me over night and they took my computer. My hard drive had fucking truecrypt and all that bullshit but they still got into all my stuff. They searched everything. Well considering i am only 16 they released me yesterday. For anyone tl;td, GET THE FUCK OFF HACKFORUMS, THERE IS SO MANY UNDERCOVER AGENTS. OMNI WILL PASS OVER YOUR INFORMATION TO ANY AGENT. EVEN IN THE TOS ON THE SITE IT SAYS THAT HE WILL DO THAT. Heres some more proof, my friend sniper, a NON BLACK HAT, NOT EVEN A HACKER AT ALL, made a thread on hackforums saying how i got arrested and that there are fbi agents on the site and to be carefull, within 5 minutes he was rep fucked and banned. His HF was "Scope". Be careful everyone. TRUST NO ONE BUT YOUR SELF. Most importantly, get of hf now.

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